Spring Minis

Spring has to be my favorite season - after the cold, gray, and dreary days give way to sunshine and blooms, and being outside feels warm and fresh, it gives new life to our souls. I'm so excited to take in the beauty of spring with you all!

Mini Details

Saturday, May 4th

Innis Woods in Westerville, OH

15+ Photos in online gallery



If we have to reschedule our sessions due to weather, the make ups will be on Sunday, May 5th at the same time you selected for May 4th. Hopefully we won't need to reschedule, but I like to have a back up date just in case!

Times Available

7 PM - 7:15

7:15 - 7:30

7:30 - 7:45

7:45 - 8 PM

All minis are booked back to back, so please be sure to arrive early for your slot. Once we hit the end time for your slot, I'll need to begin the next person's!


What should I bring to my session?

You really don't need to bring anything! If it helps your kids, I would recommend brining a small treat (like fruit snacks) and after every few photos, give them a gummy! Some days are harder than others. so this can help when we're maybe just not feeling it!

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, please!! I love dogs and I love having them in your photos! Please just be sure to let me know beforehand. Bring some baggies to clean up after your dog - these are almost always needed!! And potentially some treats or toys to help your dog pay attention to me if necessary. If you don't want your dog in every photo with you, please bring a friend along to hold onto them. I unfortunately can't hold your dog's leash while taking photos, or I would!

When will I get my photos?

My usual turn around time is 2-3 weeks, but for mini sessions I usually deliver within 1-2 weeks. The online gallery will be delivered to you via email. From there, you can view all the photos, download the entire gallery or one photo at a time, and you can even order prints directly from the Pixieset Gallery shop!

Where can I order prints?

Check out my Print Guide below for tips on what professional labs to use (and which stores to not use!). There is also a professional printing lab connected to the Pixieset Gallery that I use to deliver your photos.