I'm Angie

I find so much joy in capturing genuine moments of love & joy, for couples who are really in love, and for families who love to giggle together!

I'm all about celebrating YOU - your family, your love, your personality! My aim is to make you feel comfortable and enjoy our session together, because when you feel comfortable in front of the camera, you can truly be yourself!

I have a Bachelors in Business Administration and a love for photography that began before high school, and I will never stop being thankful to have finally started my own photography business! Being a photographer is a job that I've dreamed of before I can even remember - my grandfather used to talk about his dad's photography store in Jamaica, and he gave me my first ever film SLR camera to practice with!

Beauty has a profound impact on us.  Beauty captivates us and draws us in; it causes us to wonder and slow down. While our culture loves busyness and glorifies efficiency, we miss out when we are in a rush to move from one thing to the next. Our souls need to slow down and behold beauty.

I’ve learned that the more I pause, the more I can truly enjoy something. Whether that's savoring sips of coffee, waking up early to watch a sunrise, hugging a little longer, or taking a deep breath of fresh air; stopping to soak in these moments lets me enjoy them to the fullest. In these moments, I’m beholding something beautiful.

This is what gives me passion for photography - images full of beauty to behold and a space for people to enjoy together.

The people you love, the moments you celebrate, and welcoming new life are the things you value most. And what a joy to capture these on camera so they can be treasured and remembered for years to come! It brings me so much joy to capture children laughing and playing, families holding onto their loved ones, couples who just can't stop smiling at each other, proud new parents snuggling their newborn close...

I can’t wait to capture some of these moments with you!

My Mission

This world and our lives are full of beauty, and I believe all of that beauty draws us back to God.

In all that I do, shooting, editing, and creating galleries, I want to capture and reflect the beauty of God in a way that displays and glorifies Him. Photography is my expression of what is beautiful, and it's my joy to capture beauty and display it for others.

When I'm not photographing, I'm....

goofing off with this guy (my sweet husband, Chris)

running! The 10k and half marathon are my fave distances to race

hiking/exploring - we recently got to visit Sedona!