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Step One: Complete the form below

Step Two: I will email you back to confirm that I've received your order and let you know how to submit your payment

Step Three: Submit your payment and get excited for your album to arrive!

Total Cost: $115

If you want me to choose for you, just write "you choose!"

If you want me to choose for you, just write "you choose!"

Want me to chose only color photos? Only black and white? Anything else you'd like me to know?


How many pictures will we receive in the album?

You'll have a 30 page book with 30 photos! You can chose all 30 photos if you'd like, or add any amount to your favorites list that you'd like to be sure I include!

What if I want to order more than one copy?

You absolutely can! You can order additional copies of the same album for $100.

Why does it take 1-2 months for you to send it to me?

My goal is to get the album to you in a timely manner, but also make sure it is crafted in a way that is beautiful and not rushed! After I design the album, it goes to the printer and then must be shipped to me - I will make sure everything looks great before I deliver it to you :)

Can I order this as a gift for a client of yours?

Of course! If you're the family or a friend of a client of mine, just let me know which online gallery you'd like me to pull from and any other specifics! You can share all the details in the order form.

Isn't $115 a little expensive?

Believe me, I hear you!! I am doing everything I can to keep costs down. Other professional vendors I've considered working with price their albums at $160 (and up) before delivery, taxes, etc! I am working with a specific professional vendor who I love and trust, and who allows me to keep prices as low as possible.

Can I just use Shutterfly instead?

You sure can! However, they don't offer the same kind of photo book. I order from a specific professional printing shop that has impressed me for a long time with the quality, simplicity, and beauty of their fabric covered books.