I love all the joy & giggles during each family session, and my aim is to capture these sweet moments for you to treasure for years to come. Time isn't slowing down, and there are so many details to document in each season. This is why I am a photographer - because I love spending time getting to know your family and capture your unique way of loving and laughing together!

Immediate Family

Extended Family



Playful, Fun, Authentic

We'll let your kids be kids - they can run, tickle, jump, be goofy, and giggle! The goal is to capture your family's true dynamic, we'll skip the stiff posing. In fact, I'll probably be prompting you all to play and look at each other more than I tell you to smile at me!

We'll absolutely capture some classic smiling at the camera photos, but expect this session to be geared more towards having fun with your little ones, or savoring and anticipating your baby on the way, or for you to be taking a moment to really feel and treasure the warmth of your newborn in your arms.

Your family, as you are

My heart behind my work is to capture your family dynamic truly and genuinely. Getting to family photos can be stressful, and I recognize that. From getting everyone all dressed and to the location on time, in the midst of falling behind on work or dealing with troubling behavior... but it doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Come as you are - exhausted, with runny noses, grumpy, whatever! We don't need to rush into photos, we can take a breath, remember WHY we're taking photos (because you LOVE your family) and take a pause from life's chaos together.

Let's chat about your family session! Use the link below to head to my form, and we'll be in touch within a few days.

From there, I can send you my FAQ, style guide, and location guide!