Planning Your Session

I'm here to make this process as easy as possible for you! You have enough going on as you prepare to have your baby, and this guide will have everything you need to prepare for our session.


Pick out your favorite outfits for babe and lay them aside for our session. I suggest that we take some photos of baby in their diaper, swaddled, and in a favorite outfit or two!

For mama, wear what is comfortable for you. Usually this is jeans or leggings and a nice top, but you can wear a dress too if you'd like the session to be a little more dressed up! Dad can coordinate his outfit with you and wear what is comfortable for him.

See photos below for any outfit ideas!


We'll shoot in the spaces in your home that are most meaningful to you and have the most natural lighting. The more window lighting we can have, the better! We'll also want to keep the space warm and cozy so that baby is nice and comfortable.

You can show me the different spaces that you'd like to have photos in, and we'll be sure to spend time in each of the spaces you really want to capture.

Day of Session

Newborns aren't on any type of schedule really... so our session will be pretty go with the flow!

Try to feed your baby 30-60 minutes beforehand so he/she might be a bit sleepy during our session. Have babe swaddled or dressed in the outfit you've picked out - either is fine because we'll change him/her during our session (and snap some cute diaper shots, too!) And blowouts happen - maybe that favorite outfit will have to get changed five minutes into our session!

I generally plan to be with you anywhere from one hour to two hours. Babies need to have diaper changes, be fed, be rocked and snuggled, and mom and dad may need breaks, too! Don't worry at all about the timing. I am happy to move at your pace and take all the time we need!

Lastly, if there's one thing I understand after having a newborn, it's that one of the last priorities you have is cleaning your house! If you have piles of clothes, dirty bottles, burp cloths and pacifiers all around, or whatever - don't worry about it!! We will just move things out of the way as needed. Your home does not need to be spotless for our session.