Non - Profit Partnerships

loving the Westerville community

Non - Profit Partnerships

Though my husband and I technically live in Worthington, we've long considered Westerville home. Our church is in Westerville, our favorite restaurant and running store are in Westerville, and we just love spending time there!
We are so incredibly grateful for the work and ministry of WARM and their outpouring of love for the community of Westerville. They generously meet needs for those who struggle with food insecurity and need job assistance. We love getting to partner with them.

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By offering family photos to the Westerville community, we're able to collect donations for WARM's initiatives, like their holiday food drive!


My husband and I have the privilege of providing photography services for WARM's events and for their website.

Want to partner with WARM, too?

If you share a heart for helping families and individuals in need, especially with needing meals, make a donation to WARM below! Or check out their specific needs for items you can donate!

Local Churches

our faith is really important to us

Local Churches

My husband and I actually met at our now home church (in Westerville!) right after I had graduated college.
Chris and I both came to know the Lord during our time in college, and before I launched my photography, I spent 5+ years working for a college ministry.
We're passionate about people truly knowing and following Jesus, and we LOVE local churches who teach God's Word and share the good news of Jesus.
Though it's just a tiny way to serve, we love getting to help with photography services for churches!

Looking for a local church?

Church Photos

We provide headshots and photos of church service for local churches' websites and media.

Family Photos

Once in a while, we'll offer free family photos for families at our local churches, and in the Westerville community!

(For pastors/others in full time ministry, we offer special rates for family photos!)