The Proposal

I was absolutely thrilled when I got a text from Alex that was a meme alluding to the fact that "it was time"!! I had previously mentioned to him that I'd be more than happy to hide in the bushes and photograph his proposal when he was ready, and I was SO EXCITED that the day had finally come! Well... almost... We had some sneaky planning to do first!

Once the plan was in motion, I was giddy and so nervous that I'd somehow spill it to Nicole. We made it to the Friday - September 16 - and I couldn't breath as I heard them coming down the rock path to the waterfall. It was so quick - in less than 60 seconds, Nicole was saying HILL YES to life as Alex Hill's wife! Their joy was so contagious and beautiful. We had so much fun celebrating and taking photos for a bit before they went on their way to dinner.

Much love for you, Alex & Nicole, and I'm so excited for your future together! Congrats & I'm looking forward to May 5, 2023!!