Rainy Fall Evening

Ever wonder if you can still have your family photos taken when it's chilly, gray, and rainy?

I can't wait to show you the magic of embracing unpredictable and less than ideal weather, especially in the fall!

Shifting Your Perspective

Ever jump in puddles as a kid? Or dance in the rain? At a young age, it really wasn't hard to find joy in simple things like that, we hardly noticed the rain!

Your perspective on the weather can determine your mood and your outlook for our session... who says rainy photos can't be fun?! Or that we have to have perfect sunshine for beautiful photos?

Coming in to the session with a positive attitude will set the tone for the photos we'll take - and especially so for your kids! If they see you laughing and having fun, they will be more inclined to, as well. And the opposite is true - walking into a session upset or with a negative attitude sure won't deliver the photos you want to hang on your walls!

My encouragement to you is this - be ready and willing to embrace the unpredictable Ohio weather for your photo session, and trust your photographer to know how to deliver a beautiful gallery of photos to you in the end. You'll enjoy the experience all the more, and when you decorate your home with the photos, you'll always be reminded of the sweet memories created and the milestones you wanted to celebrate with photos.

*Of course, if the weather is severe it would be in the best interest for you and for me to reschedule. But, a little rain or chill never ruined photos!*