I knew Erik & Cierra in high school, and it was so exciting to reconnect with them and meet their sweet baby boy! Oliver Dean Brandt was born On October 4, 2022 and I had the joy of meeting him on October 21 for our photos.

It's really fun to catch up with people you've known in high school and see how they're thriving in life 10 years later! Erik & Cierra were the kind of peers you knew were really smart and we're just going to go far in life, and I loved hearing about their marriage and learning a little about their nursing careers.

Oliver was so sweet and I was so amazed by how at ease he was. He sure is lucky to have such loving and sweet parents. It's clear that they prepared really well to enter this next season of life, and Oliver will be surrounded by so many family members who adore him!

Congrats to Erik & Cierra, and welcome to the world, Oliver!